20/20 CMI encompasses a diverse and experienced team of fiduciary financial advisers to help create and execute customized plans to achieve financial independence – for yourself, your business, your family and your heirs.

Our mission is to help our clients feel empowered, organized, confident and excited about their financial future.

20/20 Vision

Create a unique experience that significantly impacts our clients in a positive way for generations.

To continually evolve in order to maintain our position as a leading and innovative holistic financial firm that provides a degree of beneficial differentiation to our clients.

20/20 Values

We work with our clients as a trusted ally in their financial journey. As fiduciaries, our advisers partner with their clients as proactive advocates in making smart money decisions. As a client centric, process driven firm, our values are based on integrity, honesty, transparency, excellence and community.

20/20 Culture

We live and work in an environment that provides a growing, successful, caring, sharing, empowering, educational, and fun experience to our clients and team members.

At 20/20 CMI, we recognize that on-going support to our clients is every bit as important as helping them create their financial plan for the future. We strive to execute those plans and provide exceptional service every day.

Meet the team that can help you answer this question – What Do You Need to Plan For?